The construction and the technology we use are the elements we take seriously in our soft surfboards. Only the best materials and construction techniques are used. 

Interchangeable Fin Box System (IFBS)

Our Interchangeable fins for more drive and control on steeper waves. Carefully designed foils lend performance yet a soft edge to keep fin hazards low. Allows quick and easy fin changes.


Skintec™ - Advanced Deck Skin

Skintec™ is the most advanced compression cell technology ever developed for soft surfboards. The multi-layered polymer composition allows for the skin to absorb pressure & impact compressions, creating increased strength & increasing the life of your board. The Skintec is like a second deck skin and is underneath the top layer deck skin.



Our high-density EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) is a premium material that maintains composure through heavy use. Beads are expanded with water and air-pressure to form final shapes.


We use an extremely light marine ply shaped out to conform rocker lines and ensure proper reinforcement. Each stringer is hand treated with an epoxy coating to maintain water resistance and prepare a proper bonding to the core.