Apprentice | 6ft Soft Surfboard - Pink

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The Ryder Apprentice 6FT funboard is designed for quick and snappy performance. Profiled shape with tri-fin set create a truly fun-filled experience that enables the most from youths learning to surf up to skilled surfers. #rydersoffoam


Deck: High Performance Extruded Barrier Skin (EBS). Proprietary deck material maintains rigidity and colorfast to U.V. light.
Core: 100% Waterproof EPS Core with 1 x moulded reinforced Marine-Ply Wooden Stringer System
Slick: Dura-HDPE Slick Skin / additional rigidity and smooth glide on water surfaces
Fin Set: (UPDATED FEATURE) Interchangeable Fin Box System (IFBS) with 3 x 4.5” Fins Thruster Set for drive. Allows quick and easy fin changes.
Features: Proven Performance Template. Thermal Heat Tested for Quality Control



6’0” | Apprentice 6'0" x 19 1/2" x 3", 47.00 Volume Liters

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